Adopt A Monkey – Heath

Heath is a 4 year old male who was confiscated and transferred from another rescue center by MINAE. Sadly, Heath is extremely tame which leads us to believe that there was no intention of returning him to the wild. There are many illegal rescue centers all over Costa Rica that exploit wild animals by encouraging them to act like pets and climb on tourists for a photo. If a rescue centre is truly registered non-profit then tourists will never be able to touch, handle or take a photograph with a wild animal – this is the law in Costa Rica. This makes us very sad, because Heath might never learn to be a wild monkey and experience true freedom.

Heath is now in great health and really enjoying his large enclosure. Now with limited human contact, Heath is learning how to be a wild monkey, but dehumanizing an adult wild animal who was taught to be held and fed by humans is difficult. We do hope that one day he can be released, but the damage might never be undone.

Help us by adopting Heath!

It costs approximately $60 a week to provide care for one of our orphaned monkeys. Most infants will live at Refuge for Wildlife for 18-24 months before they are old enough to start a release program.

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