Adopt A Monkey – Hubert

Huber - Adopt A Monkey-51

Hubert joined Refuge for Wildlife back in April 2015 when he was just 4 weeks old. His mother was electrocuted on an uninsulated power transformer in Samara and little Hubert was quickly rescued by ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad), our local electrical provider.

When Hubert was young, he was a very needy and clingy baby and always wanted another baby to cuddle with or a stuffed animal. Over the last year, Hubert has become best friends with many of the new babies and been a very supportive and comforting bigger brother.
Hubert has now grown from a little baby into an adorable young man. He is still very petite and it doesn’t look like he’ll be the biggest or strongest male once he’s released, but he’s happy and healthy and definitely a favorite among our volunteers.
Hubert is gaining independence and confidence every day and he’s not a shy baby anymore. He likes to play and wrestle with the older monkeys and loves to smile for the camera and swing on the camera strap! He’s gaining a good amount of weight and is starting to get his silky adult fur. And even though he’s petite, we are seeing some alpha male characteristics so who knows, our little man might become a great leader after all! We’re all very proud of Hubert.