Adopt A Monkey – Jack

We rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Jack was found sunbathing by a local pool on the ground which is a very unusual behaviour for a wild howler monkey. When we went to rescue him, he was so friendly towards humans that it was clear he was a victim of the illegal pet trade. Many confiscated illegal exotic pets are unable to learn how to be wild animals again because they have spent so much time dependent on humans. For the past several years we have been doing our best to teach Jack how to be a wild monkey again and we hope that we will eventually be able to release him.

Jack shares a large enclosure with his girlfriend, Monica, who was also an illegal pet. Jack is the oldest male at Refuge for Wildlife and spends most of the day howling loudly to announce to everyone that his is the alpha. He communicates with local troupes in the area and wakes us all up at 4am by howling.

Help us by adopting Jack!

It costs approximately $60 a week to provide care for one of our rescued monkeys. Because Jack cannot be released, he will stay at the Refuge long-term and will need care for 15+ years.

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