Adopt A Monkey – José

We rescue, rehabilitate and release.

José was rescued in May 2015 after his mother was hit by a car in Santa Cruz. Luckily Jose was unharmed, but sadly his mother died.

Like all new orphans, José missed his mother very much in the first few days and cried out for her. But soon he became close friends with the other orphans around his age and settled into his new life.

José is now growing fast and becoming a very handsome young man. When Jose first arrived he was a very scruffy and skinny monkey, but now he’s healthy and beautiful. His face is gotten rounder and his fur is thick and he’s even got sideburns now! It won’t be long before he has the full beard of an adult howler monkey!

José still has a few more months to go in our nursery before he’s moved into one of our outdoor enclosures where he will begin the first steps to his release. He’s smaller than most males his age, so he probably won’t be an alpha, but he’s got a lovely and sweet personality that the girls like!

Help us by adopting José!

It costs approximately $60 a week to provide care for one of our orphaned monkeys. Most infants will live at Refuge for Wildlife for 18-24 months before they are old enough to start a release program.

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