Adopt A Monkey – Lola

In March 2016 we received three orphans that MINAE transferred from another rescue facility. Although we do not know the reason Lola was orphaned, she and her friends have thrived in our care. Lola is easily picked out from the group because she has several pink toe nails on and a birthmark on her left foot.

Lola is very gentle and quiet, but she still loves to climb and play like all the other orphans at Refuge for Wildlife. She’s best friends with Jordanny, José, Sophie, Peluche and Rocky. She’s now living in our pre-release enclosure with all her best friends and is part of the next group that will start our step-down release program.

Help us by adopting Lola!

It costs approximately $60 a week to provide care for one of our orphaned monkeys. Most infants will live at Refuge for Wildlife for 18-24 months before they are old enough to start a release program.

Each orphaned monkey is provided with:



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Donation Total: $60