Adopt A Monkey – Paz

Paz was electrocuted in South Guiones when she climbed onto uninsulated power lines. She arrived in critical condition with a severely injured arm that needed to be amputated. Our veterinarian has named her Paz, which means peace in Spanish, with the hopes that it would bring her some better luck. Paz’s amputation surgery went very well and it wasn’t long before she started to climb and play again. It took some practice, but Paz now has no problem climbing and is confident and very happy. She loves to smile and has a very mischievous personality. She likes to start wrestling fights with her new brothers and sisters and also like to jump to the tall trees when it’s time for playing on the outdoor jungle gym. She is also incredibly quick! If you’re not paying attention, she will race off and look for trouble! Paz has also formed a special relationship with Mama who is an adult female that has been receiving treatment at the Refuge for over a year now. They can often be found snuggling together.

Help us by adopting Paz!

It costs approximately $60 a week to provide care for one of our orphaned monkeys. Most infants will live at Refuge for Wildlife for 18-24 months before they are old enough to start a release program.

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