Adopt A Monkey – Rocky

We rescue, rehabilitate and release.Rocky was orphaned when a local resident killed several members of his troop, including his mother. The man didn’t want the monkeys eating his mangos so he threw rocks at them, knocked them onto the ground and then had his dogs attack and kill them. Rocky’s mother was killed, and Rocky was badly injured.

Rocky is now safe and fully recovered at Refuge for Wildlife. He is a very gentle and kind-hearted monkey who loves to snuggle up with the smaller babies. He’s playful and enjoying bonding with his new adoptive siblings in the Refuge nursery. It won’t be long now before he’s too big to be in the nursery with the little babies so he’ll be moved into one of the outdoor enclosures with brothers and sisters around the same age. Rocky will stay with his new siblings while he with us and they will all be released together, forming a new troop.

Help us by adopting Rocky!

It costs approximately $60 a week to provide care for one of our orphaned monkeys. Most infants will live at Refuge for Wildlife for 18-24 months before they are old enough to start a release program.

Each orphaned monkey is provided with:



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Donation Total: $120