Clinic Renovation & Expansion

We have outgrown our current clinic and are now raising funds to renovate and expand to provide the best possible conditions for our veterinarians to work and care for our wildlife. Every donation, up to $1250 USD will be MATCHED thanks to a very generous anonymous donor. 

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Your donation is tax deductible! You will be prompted to select your payment option: PayPal or Offline Donation. For a US tax deductible donation, select “PayPal” to make a donation via Friends of Nosara. For a CR tax deductible donation, select, “Offline Donation” via bank transfer.

This upgrade will enable us to provide better and more complete care for all our patients in an efficient way while providing essential work spaces for our veterinarians to perform different tasks, including lab work, examinations, research, data collecting, observations, quarantine and surgeries. More efficient use of the space will allow our staff to perform different procedures simultaneously in a better and cleaner environment.

Since Refuge for Wildlife was registered as a non-profit foundation in 2015, our rescue center has grown and expanded exponentially. Refuge for Wildlife is now recognised country-wide as providing the best care for rescued howler monkeys and because of this, we now have more than double the amount of rescued wildlife in our care. Our clinic is busier than ever, filled with a wide variety of injured wildlife; the majority comprised of electrocuted howler monkeys. Our on-site veterinarian, IAR partner veterinarian and volunteer veterinarian technicians are working around-the-clock to provide the best possible care for these severely injured animals. Unfortunately, they are providing this care in location that is too small, doesn’t provide a separate quarantine area and has no sterile operating room. In the past month, our veterinarian has performed dozens of amputation surgeries in less than ideal conditions.

Here is what the renovation and expansion will provide:

  • A completely closed sterile operating room that will be equipped with all the tools and medications necessary to efficiently perform complicated and serious surgeries. Currently our surgeries are being done in the same cramped space as regular daily examinations, quarantine, lab work and research making it difficult to schedule surgeries and increasing the risk of infection by sharing the space with sick wildlife.
  • A separate recovery and quarantine area that is going to be a clean and quiet environment for the patients so they can recover without the stress of procedures and vets around them all the time. Currently our recovery and quarantine area is sharing the space where surgeries and examinations are performed.
  • A separate laboratory equipment and research counter so our vets can perform essential tests and have a dedicated space for files and research.
  • A separate examination table for checking and treating patients.
  • Purpose-built recovery cages that will replace stacked dog kennels.