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Unfortunately, Refuge for Wildlife is at capacity with 55 animals – we cannot afford to care for any new rescues and we just saved 5 baby coatis, locally known as “pizotes”.  Right now, we have more than 35 infant howlers, several injured adult howlers, many parrots and birds, squirrels, a porcupine and white-faced capuchin.

We need your help to save these five orphaned babies so we can return them back into the wild.

Little Roxy was rescued first, then a few days later Carrie joined us, then Jeremy, Judith and Jane were found! Although they are not all related to each other, this group of 5 orphans are all around the same age and love being together. They are extremely curious, love to explore, and they’re already great climbers!

It will take approximately 2.5 months before these babies are old enough to be released costing $120 each per month each. Each baby will be hand fed infant formula several times and day and throughout the night for several weeks. These babies will also enjoy fresh fruit and veggies as well as nutritious protein. By the time they leave us, these little ones will have cost us $1500 USD.

Saving these animals is important. Releasing these pizotes will have a huge impact on the pizote population which has drastically decreased in the area due to development and deforestation.