Help Kershak

Kershak urgently needs surgery to fix his badly broken leg. Kershak is a beautiful 6kg adult male howler monkey who was hit by a car in Samara. Unfortunately, due to deforestation and development,  many types of arboreal wildlife are forced to go to the ground and cross dangerous roads in order to reach essential food resources.  Poor Kershak risked his life and now we hope we can raise enough funds to help him.

Kershak now needs surgery to insert a plate and several screws into his leg. This surgery must be done by May 5th otherwise it will be too late and we will have to amputate his broken, but otherwise healthy, leg.

We have performed this type of surgery on howler monkeys before with great success. Kershak’s best chance at a successful recovery so we can be released back into the jungle (in a safe spot, away from roads and cars).

Please make a donation by May 5th so that Kershak can have the surgery he desperately needs.

Thanks to the many generous donations we made, we have reached our goal of $600 and no longer need any donations for this special project! We have booked Kershaw to have surgery asap!

If you’d still like to make a donation, we have several funds and programs that need your support: Please take a look on our Donate page.