• Kershak’s Surgery

    Kershak is a beautiful 6kg adult male howler monkey who was hit by a car in Samara and badly broke his leg. Sadly, due to deforestation and development, many types of arboreal wildlife are forced to go to the ground and cross dangerous roads in order to reach essential food resources.

    Unfortunately, Kershak’s leg was so badly broken that he needed a titanium plate inserted which had to be performed by an orthopaedic surgeon with special tools and materials. The surgery costs approximates $600 and as we are a non-profit foundation that does not receive any government funding, we did not have the funds available.

    We decided the Kershak deserved a chance and so we immediately put up an appeal for donations on Facebook and within a few hours we had raised the necessary funds for Kershak’s surgery!

    Monday morning at 5:30am our onsite veterinarian, Dr. Francisco Sanchez drove to San Jose for the Surgery with Dr. Randall Arguedas Porras which took place at 10:45 am and took 2.5 hours. Unfortunately Kershak’s leg was very badly displaced. Dr. Arguedas had to align both bones, then he put the titanium plate in place and drilled 7 holes for the 7 screws. Once everything was aligned, he inserted the screws, closed the incision and wrapped the leg with bandages.

    Kershak will need to stay in a large kennel in our clinic for entire month limiting mobility so we can avoid the plate being displaced. The bandages will need to stay on for at least 2 weeks and will need to be changed every 4 days. On June 1st we will get new x-rays to see how Kershaw is progressing and to evaluate whether we can start to introduce more movement and exercise. By July Kershak should be fully recovered and ready for release!

    We are overwhelmed by the support we received from the community and abroad who made donations to help pay for Kershak’s surgery.

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